5 Tips for achieving a healthy and tight skin with whitening moisturizing cream

5 Tips for achieving a healthy and tight skin with whitening moisturizing cream

Let’s get one thing out of the box. The skin whitening cream is not intended to make your skin fair. That neither can be done (via creams), nor it is required since beauty does not depend on the skin colour. However, spots, pigmentation and dull skin tone can definitely be changed for the better and this is why there is a market for skin whitening moisturizer cream. In this post, our aim is to guide you about the parameters for choosing the right whitening moisturiser Malaysia along with appropriate practices that will keep your skin healthy and vibrant.Stay Tuned!

Is it safe

When choosing any skin whitening and moisturizing cream, be aware of “Hydroquinone”, the component in skin whitening cream that provides immediate lightening effects but only for a short duration. And its long term effects can even darker the skin tone. Opt for a skin whitening moisturizing cream that is made of the natural base or which contains less natural bleaching agents. Most celebrities who have a black skin tone often apply skin creams which contain Hydroquinone, which as usual make their shades a couple of notches fairer for a brief moment.

Dr Nabisar’s skin lightening moisturizing white cream

Must have anti-oxidants

Again, while choosing the skin whitening moisturizing cream, it is important to choose the one which contains anti-oxidants.Anti-oxidants keep your skin natural looking, vibrant and young. The importance of anti-oxidants cannot be undermined from the fact that they are even advised to include in your diet. They keep the skin young by fighting against the toxins and aiding in skin repair process along with macronutrients like Proteins and vitamins.

Must provide protective shield against the sun’s harmful rays

Prolong use of some of the skin whitening moisturizing creams reduces the melanin level of your skin. This makes your skin prone to the harmful rays of the sun. The skin lightening moisturizing creams must have anti-ageing properties along with zinc oxide which aids in the skin protection. Better would be to use a sunscreen which has a minimum of 30 SPF protection level. Also, use sunscreen only when it is needed.

Skin Maintenance routine

Merely using the skin lightening cream will not give you a glowing skin that you have always wanted. You need to aid the working of the cream with some daily routine and maintenance. Always wash your face clean before going to bed every night. Sleep is an important time when your skin rejuvenates itself from the daily stress. Your face skin after washing becomes soft and tender and therefore can breathe easily.


While a skin lightening moisturizing cream might make your skin glow, but that will only be short lived if you are not giving adequate rest to your body. Deep and sound sleep is the process where the repair work takes place. It is only in deep and sound sleep, that growth hormone is released which makes your skin more elastic. For better sleep, we highly recommend to keep the room temperature optimum. A warm bath and dinner prior to at least three hours’ sleep helps in achieving deep sleep. Quality sleeps also helps to delay the onset of wrinkles and other ageing signs.

Dr Nabisar’s skin lightening moisturizing white cream

If you follow all the above steps, your skin will improve noticeably for the good. However, you can also speed up the process with the use of whitening moisturizer Malaysia cream that is manufactured by Dr Nabisa. Our whitening cream is skin friendly and does not contain chemicals that bleaches away the natural oils of your skin which keeps it healthy. Order the product now from Dr Nabisar.

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