Best vintage action figures toy from the 90s

Best vintage action figures toy from the 90s

Looking back at our growing up days and comparing to the daily routine of youngsters, we can safely that it was a hell of a ride growing up in the 90s. Not only, we had so many action heroes to look upon but we also learnt valuable lessons from them, something which is quite missing in the action heroes of this generation. This post is all about reliving the best vintage action figures from the 80s and 90s. We will have a look at five of the best action figure heroes. Stay Tuned!

  1. The terminator: – If there is one thing that embodied the masculinity in the 80s and 90s, it was definitely the terminator. Known for his dead serious and attacking mode, many people (including us too) made it synonymous with the masculinity. While we do not like to keep a serious, robotic face all the time, but it definitely taught us that on any given day, action speaks much louder than any words. And this is why we fell in love with the character.

  2. Spiderman: – The kid who got superpowers from the bite of a radioactive Spider, Peter Parker lived a life of ups and downs which fascinated the teen agers. Not only the character was relatable to most of the youngsters, but it also taught us some valuable lessons in life like to be there for your friends in every situation. At our AFS Store, you can easily buy cheap action figures of Spiderman. His sense of humor was stunning, even in the dire circumstances. And his ability to keep pursuing despite of failures taught us the valuable lessons of perseverance.

  3. TinTin : – Cute round face, and a curious brain coupled with an absolutely adorable white terrier fox Snowy and adventures; that was the highlight of TinTin. If you have ever wished to relish on adventure missions coupled with fun and humor, TinTin is your best bet. We still cannot fathom how much we adore the series despite it being so old now. Not exactly an action figure, but TinTin made us fall in love with adventure and showed the dogs are more than animals.

  4. Batman: – The hardships of life will either make or break a person. And most people are likely to crumble under it. This is where Batman taught us to work for our aspirations and to never give up, because as they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel. And it is worthy giving your all because success will rejuvenate everything that you have sacrificed in your hardships.

Best Vintage Action Figure Toys

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