Does psoriasis home remedies work?

Does psoriasis home remedies work?

There is a reason that everything in the universe needs to work in balance. Too less or too much of anything (at the cost of other factors) usually results in unwanted things. While we all crave for an efficient working immune system, too much of its activity is undesirable as can be seen from the problem of psoriasis. In this post, we will provide some home remedy tips for anyone who is suffering psoriasis.

What causes psoriasis and does the home remedies work?

Before we get into the home remedies for treating the psoriasis, it is important to understand what causes it in the first place. The primary cause of psoriasis is an over active immune system. The exact reason is still unknown however, scientists pin points to auto immune condition; a condition in which the body’s cells attach each other. The symptoms of psoriasis include the likes of red patches, inflammation and itchy patches on the skin. Luckily, psoriasis isn’t contagious like some of the other skin infections.

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Now coming on the effectiveness of psoriasis home remedies treatment, there have been countless evidences that they work. However, for painful and immediate inspection, we highly recommend anyone to see a professional.

Home remedies for psoriasis

There are a lot of conventional treatments available for psoriasis. However, we do believe in trying out natural home remedies which usually is much more effective. In this section, we will uncover some the widely used home remedies for psoriasis.

Home remedies for psoriasis

1. Petroleum Jelly: – Petroleum Jelly or a thick moisturizer is an effective way to reduce the inflammation on the skin caused by psoriasis.

2. Aloe Vera: – When it comes to healing the skin problems or rejuvenating it, rarely any other organic ingredient can provide benefits like the Aloe Vera.

3. Moisturize the skin often and avoid perfumes: –  Perfumes, fragrance may smell good but can often inflame psoriasis. If you are suffering from psoriasis, better is to avoid them altogether or not to spray near the affected area.

4. Stress Control: – Theoverly hyper active immune system can be bought to work fine by getting quality sleep. Activities like exercises, sleep and meditation helps to reduce the stress hormones. Growth hormones on the other hand (released when your body and mind is in harmony) keeps your body in perfect order.

5. Avoid Alcohol: – Alcohol is known to inflame psoriasis. More importantly, Alcohol should be completely cut off from consuming. It’s a myth that moderate amount of alcohol can benefit you. It does relax the nervous system but in return damages the heart muscles. You can decide which one is more important to you; Relaxing your nervous system or damaging your heart muscles? Smoking also worsens the condition of psoriasis.

When it becomes necessary to pay a doctor’s visit?

Almost 20 million people around the world suffer from psoriasis at any given point of time. Home remedies can significantly heal the psoriasis condition. However, if the symptoms becomes too severe like the following :

1. Bleeding from Dry skin

2. Joints which are swollen and painful

3. Red inflamed patches of skin

4. Too much soreness around the affected skin areas…

Then you definitely need to visit a professional doctor.

About Dr Nabisa

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