How to check authenticity of mover’s company in Boston and New York?

How to check authenticity of mover’s company in Boston and New York?

Shifting the entire items of your house is not easy at all. It is made to look easy by the perfect coordination and team work of quality Movers Boston-New York. Although, there is no such thing as guarantee in any aspect of life, however there are certain measures you can keep in mind before hiring a Movers New York-Boston company. In this post, we will outline six parameters which should give you enough indication about the authenticity of Boston or Newton Movers. Stay tuned!

No full payment before the delivery

A Reputable Movers Boston-New York usually does not ask for full payment before. There is no dearth of ill intent movers in the world and paying in full advance to any of them puts you at a serious risk. They may not respect the time and deliver all the items beyond the stipulated deadline. And yes, while paying, always do it with the help of a credit/ debit or wire transfer. In the worst scenario, these details will come in handy in locating the movers.

Stay away from companies who change their business name frequently

Better Business Bureau, a non-profit reputable organization ensures market trust. A lot of mover’s company try to prevent taxation and other legal formalities from BBB by changing their business name frequently. Ethically and morally speaking, there is nothing wrong however, changing the business name too frequently allows the non-reputable ones to carry out their shady tactics. When you make an enquiry on the customer care, do they respond with their business name? Always hire a moving company that have been carrying the same name since ages.

Additional charges (without prior intimation)

Some moving companies do not provide relevant information about the extra charges for packaging, cost of fuel, surcharge for narrow streets etc. Reputed moving companies list all these information prior to commencement of services so that their clients do not get shock upon receiving exaggerated bill. It’s a safe practice to enquire about such things instead of debating on these things upon receiving the bill.


Technology has allowed us to receive the services while sitting at the comfort of our home. It also has enabled us to provide our inhibited reviews, opinions about the services that we receive. Look for online reviews from Yelp, google reviews for the moving company that you want to hire. While reviews can also be paid ones, a few of them have the high probability of being genuine.

Blank Contracts

A blank contract is essentially giving power to the hands of moving company to write terms and conditions according to their wishes. A blank contract is an immediate red flag and we urge you to leave no rooms for negotiations. You can review about this experience so that other naïve people do not get trap by such people.

Accurate pricings

Always stick to fix pricing. Some moving companies leave a margin for additional costs in case something goes unexpected.

Do they have insurance

In case of damages to your goods while transportation, the blame falls on the movers. But there are two different types of liability. You should be aware about both of them along with full terms and conditions before signing the contract.

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