How to choose the best wedding dress?

How to choose the best wedding dress?

Wedding is a memorable event for every woman. Most women since childhood have always imagined about a fairy tale wedding. But things can be pretty complex especially about choosing the correct wedding dress. Whether you have contemplated about it since years or your mother is nagging you about it for your upcoming wedding, in this post we will provide important tips for choosing the right wedding dress. Stay Tuned!

Body Type

It is extremely important to keep this in mind before you start to like your favorite wedding dress at the shop. Whether you are a petite, plus size or somewhere in the middle, there are immaculate bridal dresses for different sizes. If you are a plus size, you surely need to ask for a ton of samples from the stylists and designers before to try.

Don’t be shy

Choosing a wedding dress has now become easier with the help of bridal consultants. It is common to choose a wedding dress only to reject it later on after trying it out. Keep your options open and don’t be shy, particularly about your body structure.

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Start Early

A bridal dress takes nearly 5- 6 months to prepare. Keep a good solid 40 -50 days for alterations and accessorizing. However, make sure that you don’t order it way too early also like a year before the wedding as the one which you will choose is likely to go out of trending style. In our experience, nine months before the wedding is the ideal time to start shopping around. Before three months to wedding, you should have the dress in your hand.

online shopping site Dublin
online shopping site Dublin

Know the wedding theme

Needless to say but the bridal dress should sync with the wedding theme. Romantic, formal and casual theme are the most common ones. But if you intend to have a special theme like the beach one, then search accordingly. While every theme has its unique essence, the modern wedding theme is our personal favorite.

Take photos in different angles

A wedding dress might look stunning on the mannequin but it doesn’t guarantee that it will look good on you too. Better would be to take a plethora of photographs (yes, most shops will certainly allow you) from different angles and see if you look as you want. Photos from back side, sitting down and from the top are usually the most important angles. While a mirror can give a near perfect idea about how you will look, better is to rely on a quality camera.

Take help of your friends

This one is really important. Take out your girl gang for shopping the dress. The wedding appears a joyous event on the surface (And it is) but requires a lot of effort from different people to make it a memorable one. Bridal dress shopping is an emotional time which definitely requires the presence of your close people. Your girlfriends probably will know a lot about various bridal dress things like necklines, silhouettes and the other accessorizing stuff. They can immensely help in not only choosing the perfect dress but also in alterations and accessorizing it.

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